Seeking Participants for a Clinical Study for Cataract Patients

Have you or a family member been told you have cataracts? We can help!

We are excited to announce we are now enrolling patients with cataracts into the IC-8® lens clinical study. The IC-8 lens is an investigational device that is designed for cataract patients.

Discover the IC-8 Lens
The IC-8 lens is being studied to evaluate if the lens will provide far, intermediate and near vision for patients with cataracts. The IC-8 lens is a monofocal lens with a mini-ring placed in the center. The mini-ring has an opening, or pinhole, designed to increase range of vision by extending the focus of light rays that enter the eye.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us at 310-229-1220 or fill out the survey below to learn more about the study, including compensation for your time and commitment.

We are pleased to be included as part of a select group of US clinics participating in the IC-8 lens clinical study and look forward to helping our patients learn about this exciting option for their cataracts!

See if the IC-8® lens clinical study is right for you

Do you have cataracts or have been told you have cataracts in both eyes?

Are you over 22 years old?

(For females) Are you pregnant or nursing?

Are you generally healthy?

Have you had history of any eye surgeries?

Have you had history of any eye injuries?

Have you had history of laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK, AK, RK)?

Do you have medical health coverage (Medicare, commercial PPO etc.)?

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